Getting Apache, Php and Vhosts running again in Mountain Lion.

After updating to 10.8 Mountain Lion I (not surprisingly) my Homebrew based Apache, Php , Mysql setup to be broken. After the OS update be sure to also update XCODE and re-install the command line tools. The next thing I noticed was Apache could not load the Php extension that had been compiled by Homebrew in Lion. I figured there were new versions of compilers. So I had to brew uninstall php and its extensions.

Packt Publishing's Drupal Mini Books

Packt Publishing has released three mini-books on Drush, Multi-site , and Multilingual Drupal Sites at.

From the table of contents it looks like these dig deep. The Drush mini-book gets into customizing and extending Drush. The multi-site mini book gets into advanced topics like using vagrants and single sign ons.

I hope to post a review before too long.


Drupal 7 Theming - There's More Than One Way to Do It

I recently set out to change some of the language on Drupal 7's login block links from "Create new account" to "Sign Up!" and from "Request new password" to "Forgot Your Password". As I was thinking about how to do this I realized there are certainly a few ways to accomplish this. After some research, I discovered there are quite a few ways to get this done. I decided to try to work through all of them as an exercise in getting familiar with most aspects of Drupal 7 themeing. I've outlined most of the ways this can be accomplished below.

Buidling and installing sites with drush make

Drush make is a wonderful tool that lets build a configuration file (a make file) to allow you to download Drupal core, all the contrib modules you may need as well external libraries you may need such as jquery.ui or others. You can even fetch items form git or subversion repositories. The syntax of the make file looks like this: ; Drupal core version core = 7.x projects[] = drupal ; Drush make API version api = 2 ;contrib modules projects[] = views projects[] = "ctools" projects[inline_comments][version] = "1.0-beta2" projects[] = features Specifying